Typography is an integral component of our identity. It helps maintain a consistent look, and it provides us with an instantly recognisable voice. For all our design applications and web, we’ve chosen Gotham and Gotham Rounded as our primary font family. It’s been selected because of its geometric and stylish, yet friendly and human, approach. This enables us to deliver our message in a sought for manner. Gotham font family is also available in an optimized version for the web.

Since we use Google Docs as for our everyday use documents and presentations we have chosen to work with Montserrat and Muli both equally clear and stylish as Gotham.

Gotham Screen Smart

To maintain the lucidity of our identity we use Gotham SSm it’s the same font family that we use for print, but optimised for web. The SSm stands for Screen Smart and is a webfont solution made by Hoefler & Free – Jones. Read more about Screen Smart fonts in the chapter below.

Screen Smart

ScreenSmart fonts are specifically built for the screen, to perform at sizes from 9–18 pixels. Their forms are adapted to anticipate the effects of coarse pixel grids, and their styles are adjusted to ensure that each weight is appreciably different from the other members of the family. On Windows, where other webfonts are at their weakest, ScreenSmart fonts contain additional engineering that helps them render with special clarity and precision. For best results across all platforms, always use ScreenSmart fonts when setting text at small sizes.

Google Fonts

Since we use Google Docs and Google Slides as templates for our daily documents and presentations, where the Gotham Font family are not available as an option, we’ve chosen to work with Montserrat and Muli instead. Both are Google fonts and free of use.