The importance of branding

A brand is a beautiful thing. Very powerful. Very fragile.

, Brandbook

Building a brand takes vision. It takes passion and sweat. And perhaps most importantly, it takes discipline. The discipline to never waver from the brand’s DNA and the message you will be sending to the world.

We created our brand platform for its principles to be not just in the hearts and minds of a few, but in the many who will touch this brand and share it with the world.

It is impossible to overemphasise the importance of brand consistency. Endless studies prove consistency increases awareness and helps cement an emotional connection to a brand. The more single-minded we are, the more powerful the Telavox brand will be.

It’s that simple.

Mission & vision

Our roadmap starts with our mission. Our mission is constant, but it’s different from other missions. It rather reflects on the start-up company we are and how important talented people are for innovation and the future success of Telavox.


Our mission is to create a long lasting environment that attracts and stimulates the best minds to create great stuff. That environment needs to be challenging, creative and fun.

Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.


The Telavox vision is to make work-life more productive and enjoyable


2003 Telavox is founded by two students in Lund and becomes one of the world’s first providers of IP telephony.

2009 Mobile telephony, SMS and MMS are included.

2014 Flow – a groundbreaking service that allows you to manage your own solution – is launched.

2015 Establishment in Denmark and Norway. Telavox is first out of the gate with Scandinavian mobile subscriptions that include full PBX functionality. Customer satisfaction increases in all countries.

2017 Launch in Finland and Flow becomes a Nordic communication solution.

2018 Launch in the UK.

, Brandbook

The Telavox values

Our values guide our actions and behaviour every day. They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our customers and engage with our business partners.

We don’t complicate things. We thrive on making products that are easy to use, easy to understand, easy to work with and therefore easy to wow with!

We believe that mindset and attitude work wonders for us and our customers. If we embrace every opportunity for a good time, wow-experiences will come!

We always start with the needs of our customers, and we stay there. We don’t speculate, we iterate. Problems can be complicated but solutions have to be simple.

Market position

IT and telecom services are melting together. Our strongest competitors are either IT companies or telecom companies. This specialisation limits their ability to quickly develop solutions that offer both world-class user experiences and seamlessly integrated mobile services.

Telavox is a new breed of creative IT. For almost 15 years, we have been applying this creativity to further developing the full spectrum of traditional fixed and mobile telephony services. As a result, we have optimally combined IT and telecom. Our key IT resources (innovation, world-class user experience, rapid development and deployment, etc.) are partnered with the key telecom attractions of fully controlled fixed and mobile networks. This enables us to create the best communication services in the world. WOW!

, Brandbook

Brand Ambassadors

We want the Telavox brand to look and feel a special way. A way that is different from our competitors in Telecom and that will position us clearly as a modern, fast growing IT company. The look and feel shall attract aware and informal people in their thirties as we regard this group of people our brand ambassadors.

We are convinced that if we focus on what engage and satisfy our brand ambassadors this will lead to many other groups feeling that Telavox is a new, modern and creative brand.

We want that people who choose Telavox, feel that they have made a smart and active choice.

, Brandbook

Brand Personality

In our communications and interactions with customers and other key audiences, the tone and manner we want to convey are determined by the personality of the Telavox brand.

The creator is the archetype that best describes the Telavox brand. The creator communicates in a way that attracts, tickles the imagination and breathes newness, modernity and creativeness. He or she always pays close attention to details.

People who are attracted to the creator are trend-conscious. And because they are looking for something that will simplify and renew innovatively, while leaving stability and control untouched, they make active choices.

A creator gives true commitment and always offers high quality. It’s an inventive person who makes things happen. A creator is a passionate optimist for whom authenticity is essential. He or she has the ability to explain complex phenomena and complicated technology so that even a twelve-year-old understands.

, Brandbook

Brand promise

Our brand promise drives all our actions and all our investment in people, processes, products, technology and delivery channels. It creates a focus that provides clarity and cohesion for our many and disparate activities. Thus, the brand promise’s main audience is, unlike that for tag lines and slogans, internal rather than external.

The core of our brand promise is the essence of who we are and what we stand for. It guides us in everything we say and do. It is our promise to our customers.

Brand promise

We add WOW to business communication.

What’s the brand personality like?

Creative with commitment
Passionate optimist
Genuine and authentic
Make things happen

Considerate & friendly
Makes the customer feel safe
Commits & engages
Finds simple solutions
Go the extra mile – WOW

Easy to understand
Attention to details
Personal tone