Stronger customer experience with smarter business telephony

What does smart telephony mean and how do we get there?

Most people know that landline telephones are not the trendiest thing in the telecom industry. But does that mean you should throw out all the company’s phones, and start calling exclusively from your computer?

We don’t believe that you need to take any drastic measures to change the entire company’s telephony. Rather, it’s about talking to your customers in different ways, and to some extent also adapting to the demands of the industry.

The two parts of the guide

The definition of modern telephony today: The first part presents the most important characteristics your company telephony needs to have today and how you can utilise it in the best way.

How telephony can strengthen the customer experience: In the second part, you will find ways to create a better experience for your customers, such as integrating the company’s CRM with your PBX.

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