Service Providers

Augment your established fixed-mobile access with a unique UCaaS solution. Or introduce telephony, PBX, contact center, and collaboration to your product portfolio.

Consumer UX meets telecom grade reliability

Telecom integrations and quality assurance used to be complex. With Telavox you get a UCaaS service that can be used with or without an application. Your customers can use the native dialer or even a feature phone and still enjoy all the benefits of Telavox PBX services.


Consumer-grade user experience coupled with sophisticated functionality

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Intuitive features, integrations and a self-service admin portal


A free license and self-signup experience offers a low cost path to customer acquisition (optional)


Pre-made integrations with a range of tools and open APIs

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UCaaS solution which can scale easily from companies of a few employees to thousands.

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Telavox is 100% in control of their roadmap. Built from the ground up by 90+ developers.

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Key benefits at a glance

Easily bundle together services as you wish - telephony, PBX, collaboration, and contact center - to bring real value to your B2B offering


Freemium journey

Proprietary tech

Rapid deployment


100% wholesale opportunities

Operators & Service Providers

Lower cost to acquire

Differentiated offering

Short quote to cash

Make it your own

Full customer ownership

End users

Try before buying

Modern features

Instant activation

Consistent look and feel

One vendor from end-to-end

Lower cost to acquire

Customers have often already decided on a vendor before making contact with a sales rep. Use our freemium model to meet your customers earlier on.

Amplify your brand

An app that is completely brandable and reserved for your exclusive use. Include your logo and colors in-app.


As features and integrations are released or updated, your customers benefit - at no additional cost to you.

Customer ownership

You handle the customer from the beginning to the end of the process. The customer is yours to sell to, support, and rebind.

Competitive advantage

Some vendors simply add to someone else's tech and have little power to innovate. Telavox is a proprietary platform developed in-house.

Time to market

A complete self-provisioning portal allows you to get customers live within hours or days, not weeks or months

Next steps


For mobile operators, integration typically requires 1-2 core engineers for 8-24 hours of effective working time.

User testing

For mobile operators, we typically involve 5-15 customers in addition to internal stakeholders to qualify and test the service.


Our lessons learned and brainstorming on everything from packaging to single-line and multiple-line adoption.


A detailed technical meeting discussing automation enablers and APIs.


We can help you set up your branding in the app, in the admin portal, and on agreements.

Telavox facts

Telavox keeps teams and customers in touch with a simple, forward thinking technology to answer their everyday communications needs


The number of users Telavox supports


Telavox's average subscriber lifetime (months)


The year Telavox launched one of the world's first cloud PBX services


The year Telavox became a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of a solution like Telavox compared with those offered by OTT’s/internet players?

Our white label app, called "Flow", is purposely designed to fit nicely with any mother brand. Flow is your product, therefore the service creates loyalty for you directly, not Telavox.

The customer experience is enriched as a result of having a fully integrated service that does not depend on a good Internet connection or an application to use.

From an operational perspective, what are some of features that can only be provided by Telavox?

You will be able to use your own numbers (already existing numbers can be provisioned, no need to re-assign new ones); Basic UCaaS mobile user (voice related); Native Dialing; Unified voicemail for fixed and mobile; Presence integration; Busy Lamp Field (BLF); Spoken referrals; Recorded calls; Call transfer; Flexible number presentation (Outbound); Flexible call routing (inbound); Toggle calls between fixed and mobile seamlessly; Custom speed dials

What is the business model?

The commercial model is OPEX not CAPEX based. Meaning if you do not sell it, there will not be a cost associated. You pay as you grow.

What type of Warranties/Support is provided as part of the license fee?

Telavox is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS), everything from product support, operation and maintenance, capacity planning and management to customer care is provided as part of the license fee per subscriber.

Telavox is E2E responsible for service high availability and provides the required quality for an Operator’s customers. Telavox will consequently always have up to date software and the very latest released features and functionalities as per a true evergreen concept. All software is owned and developed by Telavox without any 3rd party dependencies.

Telavox warrants the continued operations and capabilities of the software and service availability throughout the lifetime of the contract and until agreed upon conclusion.

What security procedures or mechanisms are implemented? Legacy related?

- Users: users have their own username and password. Users can also choose to login using oAuth (or single sign on). Microsoft and Google identities are supported but these options can be expanded depending on needs.

- Applications: logins to the apps (Android, iOS, Mac, PC and web) are carried out over secure HTTPS

- Softphones & IP-Phones: a set of SIP-credentials is also used for softphones and IP-phones. If needed for or legacy terminals, these credentials can be generated/retrieved manually.

How data is managed?

As a company that operates within the EU, Telavox complies with the strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Other data protection requirements outside of the EU are also supported and local regulation may differ.

Become a partner

Becoming a Telavox Partner couldn’t be simpler. Just click on the link below and we’ll walk you through the rest.