Flow and your favorite tools, united

Try out these integrations to make your work even easier



Flow integrates seamlessly with your google solution. By simply signing in and connect the accounts once you can let your google calendar control your Flow presence, make your gmail contacts available in Flow as well as securely signing in with your google account.




Flow integrates seamlessly with your Office365 solution. By simply signing in and connect the accounts once you can let your office calendar control your Flow presence, make your office contacts available in Flow as well as securely signing in with your Microsoft account.


Skype for business

Flow integrates seamlessly with S4B, making them perfect companions. Power up your S4B with operator and PBX services from Flow. The combination of the two lets you always know when a colleague is on the phone, even if it’s on their mobile.


For investeringsselskaper som er underlagt MiFID II, integrerer Telavox sømløst med GuardRECs multikanals compliance-løsning. Opptak av samtaler lagres sikkert i ett sentralt system – sammen med de andre kommunikasjonskanalene som du er forpliktet å ta opp. 



Boost your workforce with the Flow app in Zendesk. The app allows you to see who is calling directly in Zendesk, hang up calls, create a new ticket for the incoming caller or navigate the incoming callers organization or user view and more.

Contact center

Flow connects both mobile and fixed telephony to Lime. This means you can call all your contacts directly from Lime. And how about an automatic popup of the correct customer card when you get an incoming call to Flow?



Flow connects both fixed and mobile telephony to Upsales CRM. This means that your agents can call all their contacts straight from Upsales without switching windows. All call activity is also logged in Upsales so that your sales agents can keep a high level of activity




Have all your call statistics from Flow streamed automatically to Power BI and utilize their powerful toolset to visualise and analyse data. Stream both your queue statistics as well as your agents direct call statistics. Combine two powerful services to boost your analytics!



With recorded calls from Telavox, every call is being recorded. For companies having to comply with the MiFiD II law, Telavox offers an integration with Touch Technologies who handles the storage of the recorded calls as well as further integrations with other finance platforms.



Unknown callers is a thing of the past. With Telavox unique Lookup service, integrated with the Eniro directory, we always present who is calling you. Regardless if it’s a contact or not. Works in all of our apps.



A strong Contact Center is an important part of a strong and professional customer care. By integrating you can secure an effective treatment of your customers as all calls are routed from Flow to the Clear IT solution and still utilize the strong PBX services from Flow.

Contact center

Telavox API

Telavox Flow is the market’s most powerful PBX solution, featuring a wide range of helpful tools that make your communication as straightforward as possible. In order to really get rid of any final barriers, it can be a good idea to integrate your existing system with us.