Spend time on your patients instead of your PBX

Self-manage your PBX so that customer calls go to the right department. Telavox's cloud PBX gathers all your communication – internally and externally. Save money and spend less time on administration. Read more about how Telavox makes life easier for healthcare companies!

“Switching from our previous system to Telavox was like a caveman discovering fire – revolutionary”


The many benefits of Telavox for the healthcare industry

Choose a solution that's cost-effective and simple to administer. Telavox gathers all your communication in a platform that's flexible and easy-to-use. Reduce your costs with smart staffing, call statistics, and much more!

Simpler staffing with licenses

Don't waste money on expensive subscriptions. Licenses are separate from users and numbers, meaning that they can easily be moved between users. It makes staffing so much easier!

Set up your PBX to suit your needs – all by yourself

With Telavox, you can make practically all changes without any external help. Build your company PBX the way you like it and make sure that your patients get to the right person and department when they call.

Smart insights thanks to statistics

Streamline your business and maintain superb customer service by analysing your call stats. See the number of missed calls and when your support staff has too much or too little to do.

Smooth internal communications all over the Nordics

Telavox operates all over the Nordics. That makes it easy to maintain communication between colleagues – wherever they are. With Telavox, your clinics will get improved internal communication.

Truly personal service

Thanks to Telavox's unique Advisor concept, your company will get personal support for real. You'll get help from the same person regardless of the matter.

Programmable routing

Automatically send customers to the correct call agent and customise rules for call handling.

Smart telephony for modern companies

Healthcare companies are dependent on a telephony solution they can count on. The right choice of PBX leads to happier employees and more satisfied customers. Lower your costs and improve customer satisfaction with Telavox's cloud-based PBX!

Frequently asked questions

Is Telavox GDPR compliant?

Yes, security and privacy are very important to us. All personal data, including recorded calls, is GDPR compliant. This is especially important for the healthcare industry.

Read more about GDPR and call recording here:

Do you offer toll-free numbers?

Yes, Telavox offers toll-free numbers in Sweden.

Is it possible to connect to fax machines?

Yes! You can connect a physical fax machine to the PBX to send and receive fax messages. You can do this through an analogue telephone adapter. We also offer a fax-to-email service so that you can receive faxes without the need for a machine.

What integrations do you offer?

There is a slew of integrations that you can use with Telavox. For example, you can integrate with Microsoft Teams and, by doing so, have your telephony and PBX in Microsoft Teams.

Read more about our integrations here:

Can I combine IP telephony with a mobile or physical PBX?

Yes! Telavox also offers SIP-solutions for customers that only need a traffic agreement.

Can I take calls on my fixed number through your PBX service?

Yes, you take calls like you always do – either through your computer or your desk phone.

What's the maximum number of simultaneous calls?

Telavox can scale up to handle 10,000 calls simultaneously.

Is it possible to connect pagers to our telephony?

This usually requires certain phones to be connected to speakers. Telavox can connect an internal number to an existing third party solution for company pagers.

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