Are you tired of missing calls?

Distribute your calls to queue members, or just leave it to your voicemail!
With Telavox’s PBX services, managing calls is easier than it’s ever been.

A sophisticated cloud PBX solution in one single platform

Cross-platform support – on any device and any platform. Better productivity and customer experience with efficient call distribution. A highly scalable solution with flexible pricing. Manage users, licenses, costs, and security through one interface.

Queuing system

Distributes incoming calls to several queue members. Unlimited numbers can be logged in at no extra cost.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Callers use the keypad to click their way to the right person or department. Customers receive an efficient response from the first ring. This feature is often also called Touch tone.

Common voice mailbox

A common voice mailbox is available to several of your employees. Listen to messages via the app, by calling, or online.

Fax mailbox

Ideal if you receive faxes, but do not need to send them. You keep your fax number and we convert incoming faxes into PDF files that are sent to the email addresses of your choice.


Connect your conference phone, analogue fax or door phone. This service is a connection without PBX functions.

Our PBX company plans

Telavox Free

0 SEK per month. No credit card required.
PBX services: Queuing system.

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Telavox Premium

From 300 SEK per month.
PBX services: Queuing system, IVR, common voice mailbox, fax mailbox, and connection.

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All your communication in one place

Telavox’s PBX solution has all you need to communicate and collaborate easily with customers and colleagues. It’s your company’s switchboard, video, and chat – all gathered in a cloud-based platform.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different licenses?

Today, we have four different PBX licenses:
Free: 1 PBX service is included, the queuing system.
Business: Up to 3 PBX services.
Enterprise: Up to 8 PBX services.
Unlimited: Unlimited number of PBX services.

The different PBX services that can be combined in these licenses are:
- Queuing system
- Interactive voice response (IVR)
- Common voice mailbox
- Fax mailbox
- Connection

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Is there a limit to the number of users in the queue/hunt group?

No. you can have an unlimited number of users in your queue/hunt group that is available to answer calls.

How many concurrent calls can I make?

Telavox can scale to 10,000 concurrent calls.

What’s the difference between an IVR and an auto-attendant?

An IVR can perform more advanced functions and provide a more tailored interaction than an auto-attendant.

An IVR provides interaction based on a caller’s voice response or details they enter on their keypad. In addition to routing callers, it can transfer callers to Voicemail or play informative messages.

Telavox can also route calls to destinations outside the company, such as mobile phones, VoIP virtual phones, and other IVR systems.

Does Telavox support international numbers?

Yes. Telavox leverages Voxbone’s global SIP trunking service and can therefore offer numbers in over 65 countries and more than 10,000 locations. Moreover, many Telavox customers use their Nordic accounts for their contact centres across the world.

Do you have Caller ID masking?

Yes! You can control the number that is presented when you’re calling. Show your company’s main number; your group's number, to make it easier to return your call; your mobile number, when dialling from a fixed phone; or simply hide your number when needed.

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