IVR: How to set up voice response and keypad options for your PBX

Download instructions and best practices for an unbeatable IVR 

Do you have long waiting times in your PBX? Are you experiencing a decline in customer relations and would love to overcome this? Do you still have to handle your call forwarding mechanism manually? Are customers tired of repeating themselves? If any of these questions have been your concern, then we have the answer for you. IVR – a solution that saves you both time and resources.

With IVR,  you can set up a personalised voice response to show your customers they are valued. With the right set up, your customers end up talking to the right person, saving both you and the customer time.

In this guide, you get all the information you need to know about an IVR. From keypad options, and interactive voicemail in your PBX, to setting up for best results. We have listed all the benefits of IVR, specified installation instructions, and written tips on creating tailor-made messages to enhance customer experience as well as improve productivity.

Download the guide, and read more about: 
  • The benefits of IVR
  • How to set up IVR in your PBX – step by step
  • Tips about waiting time and welcome messages
  • Suggestions on smart keypad options

IVR Guide

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