Save time and money with flexible IP telephony for businesses

With IP telephony, you don’t have to deal with fixed cables and telephone sockets. All you need to make a call is an Internet connection.

You’re in control. With Telavox, you can add new users, order SIM cards and manage the PBX by yourself – all through a user-friendly interface.
A personal Advisor som lär känna er verksamhet och hjälper er – hela vägen från implementering till drift.
A unified platform for all your communication. We gather your company’s telephony and PBX in one contract and one invoice – for all the Nordics.
Clear and transparent invoicing gives you complete cost control, making it easy and fun to budget.

Finally, a solution that makes your job easier

By having your telephony and PBX in the cloud, you not only get an overview of administration and costs – you also get more satisfied customers and happier coworkers.

Telavox delivers world-leading communication solutions to over 250,000 users in the Nordics and the UK.

Flow has all you need to communicate and collaborate easily with customers and colleagues – it’s your company’s PBX, video, and chat – all gathered in a cloud-based platform.

“Today, we can do so much more ourselves: Staff and manage the PBX, add or delete users and create our own call groups. We have the same coverage as Telia, since Telavox operates in Telias net.”

Magnus Henrichson, IT Manager at Löfbergs.

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