Salesforce (beta)

Boost your workflow with the Telavox and Salesforce integration


It’s never been easier to combine your calls with your favourite CRM system. Thanks to the Telavox and Salesforce integration, the two can now communicate in a unified platform. Create new leads, easily edit contact info and call through Telavox – all and much more, now in Salesforce.

All in one unified experience

With Telavox in Salesforce, you’ll streamline your work environment, since you don’t need to leave Salesforce to make a call. You’ll also improve your workflow because of the easy access to all important info; it’s literally a click away.

Integration features

How to setup the integration

  1. You need an active Salesforce Org where you can install the app.
  2. An installation link, namely this one:
  3. Paste the link in your browser. You will be presented with a login screen.
  4. Login with an account authorised to install apps to your Salesforce Org.
  5. Follow the installation instructions.
  6. Add users to the call center.
  7. All done!

Questions about integrations?

Contact sales, your personal advisor or one of our certified partners to book a demo.