Authenticate callers with BankID


For certain industries, some information is especially important and it can’t afford to fall into the wrong hands. Don’t share sensitive information with an unknown caller. Our integration with BankID solves that problem. It allows you to authenticate the caller’s identity.

How it works

When an agent picks up a call, they will be presented with a button to open a multiple choice menu. In this menu, they can select “verify identity” if they want the caller to authenticate themselves.

This will open a new tab on the agent’s computer with two input fields, one with the caller’s phone number. If it’s a number that can receive a text message, the agent can press either “Enter” or “Send”, and the caller will receive a text message. If it’s a number that can’t receive a text message (e.g. the number starts with 04, 01, or 08), the agent will have to ask the caller for another phone number and then send it thereto.

If the caller doesn’t have a number that can receive a text message, the agent can ask the person to give them their social security number, which they can enter into the “send” input field. Then they can ask the caller to open the BankID app and complete the authentication.

When the results appear, the agent should see a name and a social security number.

Questions about integrations?

Contact sales, your personal advisor or one of our certified partners to learn more.