Microsoft Azure AD

By using Azure Active Directory integration for Telavox, you can be confident that all your employee credentials are always up to date. No risk for inconsistent information, less admin and more time for value-add activities.


Pull all your employee contact information from the existing Azure Active directory into Telavox, making administration faster and easier. Information in the Telavox admin portal is updated automatically whenever changes are made in your Microsoft directory.

Integration features

How to setup the integration

  1. You need to have one of Telavox user or PBX licenses.
  2. You also need a Microsoft license which includes Azure Active Directory. 
  3. Please contact your Telavox advisor for further details on the integration.Note: An on-premise solution will not work with the current setup.


Can I buy a Microsoft license from Telavox?

No, Telavox does not sell Microsoft licenses. 

How does Telavox  match users with entries in external Active Directory? 

We use the email address to check if the Azure Active Directory has a unique entry that corresponds to the Telavox email address.

If I make updates to a user profile in the Telavox admin portal, will they automatically appear in the Azure Active Directory as well?

No, Telavox can only receive information from Azure Active Directory, but not send to it, i.e. it has only “read” rights, but not “write”.

Questions about integrations?

Contact Sales, your personal Advisor or one of our certified partners to learn more.