How to keep the company culture alive when working remotely

Give your team the best possible conditions

A lot of companies have now experienced what it is like to work remotely. For some, it works great. Many appreciate the extra time you get when you no longer have to commute. Or how much more efficient you are when you work from home. Others struggle with both concentration and discipline. Remote work is much more than a trend. So, how can you strengthen your company culture with a remote team?

We at Telavox know how digital aids can increase efficiency and internal communication. We also know how to have even more fun together with the help of these tools. In this guide, you will learn how to help your team work better, collaborate from home, and strengthen your company culture.

The guide covers, among other things:
  • How to create or develop your company values
  • Why you should encourage an open communication environment
  • Tips on digital tools that make remote collaboration easier

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