Admin Accessibility, Telavox Flow

Controlling Personal Data, Telavox Flow
This document details available Data Controller functionality offered by Telavox Flow to the Flow User and Flow Admin.

Telavox Flow is a powerful communication service designed for maximum Customer self-sufficiency. The Customer is the Data Controller and Telavox will fulfill its obligations as a Data Processor as regulated by a signed Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

Who can access what?
The following matrix describes the difference of an individual Flow User and a Flow Administrator and which personal data these can access.

Flow User access to individual personal dataFlow Admins access to user’s personal data
Remove/change/block licenseX
Reset passwordX
Access PIN/PUK codesXX
Access voicemailsX
Change Contact Card informationXX
View mobile data consumptionXX
Add/remove location reportingXX
Access recorded callsX*X*
Read chat messagesX
Add/remove queue membersX
View queue statisticsXX*
View call listsXX*

* Only possible if specific add-on features are purchased.

Who can be admin?
A Data Controller can have several Administrators, and an Administrator can add or remove other Administrators instantly. It is also possible for a Data Controller to not have an Administrator at all.

If you have any questions, please contact your Advisor.

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