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Flow - the #1 Business Communication Service

A consumer-grade user interface combined with the most powerful cloud PBX, collaboration and generation Z service hub.

The Telavox Business Communication Services enables the Mobile Network Operator to differentiate to any competitor, create stickiness and new revenue stream.

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Flow unifies Business Communication in one service, one app




Cloud PBX




Service HUB



Integrated telephony to boost Sales and Lifetime of your mobile service

Telavox gives operators the opportunity to create unique and strong customer value by integrating their mobile and fixed services with Flow.

Out-of-the-box Flow gives customers access to all smart features regardless of whether they use their native mobile service, traditional circuit-switched or VoIP.

Flow smart features examples:

  • Dynamic caller ID
  • Presence / Busy Lamp Field
  • Circuit switched to VOIP call transfer
  • Call recording
  • Personal teleconference bridge
  • Spoken reference
  • Transcribed voicemail (voice to text)
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The Cloud PBX with consumer grade UXs

With consumer grade UX, Flow's Cloud PBX features inspire all your customers to manage, monitor, report and administer their PBX service. Allowing even the smallest companies a professional front-end. Yet feature-rich to power multinational companies with thousands of employees.

The UX in Flow drives unparallelled high usage and customer satisfaction, resulting in more than 50% longer customer lifetime.

Flow benefits:

  • Native mobility combined with the #1 Cloud PBX service in the world
  • Ease of use and faster time to market than any competitor drives customer satisfaction from day 1
  • No fuzz pricing – simplicity, simplicity and transparency
  • Value for money
  • Self-administration to add, change and remove users, features, settings in the app as well as large-scale portal
  • Fit for all businesses - SoHo, SME and Enterprise
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Collaboration made for everyone

Collaboration is a driver for customer success. By integrating Collaboration features, Flow makes it easy for everyone to collaborate. We continuously analyze and innovate around what drives usage and productive collaboration between colleagues, customers and external functions.

The extensive Collaboration feature set in Flow is very appreciated and a unique selling point. It is also a usage-driven that creates stickiness, resulting in longer customer lifetime and ultimately increased lifetime value from your customers.

Flow features and benefits:

  • Natively integrated with the mobile
  • Teleconference, video conference, video f2f, screen sharing
  • Chat one-on-one/groups, private/public rooms
  • External view and channel managed and administered with the rest of the communication suite including contacts
  • Posts, mentions, comments, emojis, file transfer and other features that are part of everyday working life today
  • Available on all platforms/apps
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Make your customers promoters. Turn your service into growth with Service Hub

Flow makes it easy for your customers to meet their customers where they are and in their preferred way. Whether it is a phone call, mail, chat on the web, Messenger or Whatsapp. Integrate with their favourite SaaS services or their own in-house systems and have all the information and tools available right away.

Flow Service Hub is an important part of the story on how you can help your business customers develop their internal and external communication capabilities towards excellence. It also a great upsell opportunity for you.

Flow Service Hub gives your business customers:

  • Professionalism toward their customers
  • Efficiency through known-facts-aggregation
  • Reporting - right decisions at the right time
  • Relationship management
  • Integrated not only with the communication suite but also with external sources of data and events
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Integrations add value for everybody

Integrations have gone from reactive to proactive demand from businesses. In Flow, we have taken it further by making integrations super easy - from single sign-on with your Google/Microsoft account, to integrate with your favourite SaaS services with a few clicks, and all the way to a standard API that enables you to integrate with any system.

Flow highlights:

  • Single sign-on with major players (e.g. Microsoft, Google)
  • Skype for Business and Teams integrations
  • Easy integrations with popular SaaS services
  • Modern and standard API
  • Pre-made integrations and the API ensures a sustainable total cost of ownership
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Consumer Grade UX

Available as native apps on all popular platforms

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Flow as a Service branded in your colors

Combining the benefits of your brand awareness and our rapid development.
We run our Multi-Tenant platform as a Public Cloud Service. “Crazy easy” to integrate with your mobile core/IMS and BSS.

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