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“With Flow, we can answer quickly, and our customers won’t have to wait as long. Now, we are in control.”

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“It’s Like Christmas Day Every Time There are New Updates”

The service company Ryska Posten aims to answer their clients’ calls in seconds. That’s why functioning communication is of the utmost importance. With the Flow desktop app, they get a much-needed overview and no longer have to work in an age-old interface.

Ryska Posten (The Russian Mail) is, despite its name, a Stockholm-based company. Since 1998, they have focused on making deliveries. Fast. What started as a bicycle courier is now a fully-fledged service company acting worldwide.

A much-needed overview with Flow

Frank Holfve, Digital Project Manager at Ryska Posten, works with the company’s digitalization, business development, and strategy. What he appreciates the most about the Flow desktop app is the interface, user-friendliness, and the overview that you get as an admin.

“With our previous supplier, we couldn’t see what happens in real-time. With Flow, we do. Now, we can keep an eye on our users and queue. I can see who’s in a call wherever I am. It’s the best way to see what everyone’s up to. We also feel better mentally since we don’t have to work in a platform that looks like it was made for Windows 95.”

With the desktop app, Ryska Posten gets a better presentation of the caller. Plus, the company has become more agile.

“In the old solution, you couldn’t log in when you wanted to. You had to download a specific client and sit at the same computer. Because of this, people couldn’t jump in when needed. With Flow, anyone can answer calls and assist. It’s a great advantage.”

Saves time and money

Thanks to increased stability, agility and overview, Ryska Posten has saved a lot of time and money

, Ryska Posten

“With Flow, we can answer quickly, and our customers won’t have to wait as long. Now, we are in control. Plus, we can keep a close eye on our costs.”

– Frank Holfve, Digital Project Manager at Ryska Posten

Telavox – along for the digital ride

If the company runs into any problems, Frank only has to call his advisor at Telavox.

“It doesn’t feel like I’m calling someone at a company, but rather a friend. We don’t have to deal with a tedious Microsoft-support and can easily call Benjamin [Ryska Posten’s advisor]. That’s why you go with Telavox – for their accessible  support.”

Frank looks forward to keep using Flow.

“It’s like Christmas Day every time there are new updates to the app. So much has happened in half a year, and it only gets better.”

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“Med Flow är det lätt att hitta sina kollegor och att se om de är tillgängliga, på semester eller hemma och vabbar.”

, Ryska Posten

“Nu får vi statistik på hur många som ringer oss, hur länge de fått vänta och vilka samtal vi inte svarat på.”

, Ryska Posten

“Vi får samtal från Sverige, Norge och Finland. Med Flow har vi äntligen ett gemensamt växelsystem för hela Norden.”

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