“We’re saving 40,000 SEK every year with Flow”

When thousands of meals a day are prepared by Large-scale Nordic caterers, there is no room for mistakes. Mashie Foodtech Solutions AB help large kitchens in the Nordics gain control of planning and costs. We talked to Franko Zovic, head of IT and support, about how Mashie have managed to not only optimise their customer service but also save 40,000 SEK per year with Flow – a unified PBX for all the Nordic countries.

All the Nordic countries – in just one app

With their advanced food tech solutions, Mashie offers software and consulting for Nordic canteens and large scale caterers looking to up their game. Mashie has a strong focus on customer support and takes great care to make sure no caller has to wait more than 20 seconds.

“We receive calls from Sweden, Norway and Finland. With Flow we have a unified communications system for all of the Nordic countries, which provides immense value for us”, says Franco.

With more hundreds of incoming calls every day, Mashie needed a seamless system that gives complete control of every part of the communication. With Flow, not only did Mashie gain the overview and capacity they needed; Flow has also saved the company money.

“We recently merged with another company. In the process, we decided to merge our PBX and phone systems into a unified solution: Flow. By doing that, we’re saving 40,000 SEK every year. Mainly because Flow makes it easier and cheaper to call Norway”, he says.

A fresh and intuitive interface

With a wide range of support tickets to handle every day, Mashie needed a process for quickly and effectively sending every call to the right person.

“Typically, our client is a large-scale caterer, a chain of restaurants or an entrepreneur within Quality of Life Services. The people calling us can be anyone from kitchen staff and chefs, to administrators and dieticians. They all need to be able to reach us quickly and conveniently,” says Franko.

Many of the callers are in a hurry and need immediate service. So how to know what calls to answer first, and in what order? Being the administrator, Franko appreciates the user-friendliness that characterises Flow.

“The interface in Flow is amazing. It makes it super easy to redirect calls and to make sure each call reaches the right person. The system has been very straightforward to adapt to our operations,” he says.

Mashie has a strong focus on customer support and takes great care to make sure no caller has to wait more than 20 seconds.

Scalable and cost-efficient

Franko considers the possibility to integrate Flow with other platforms to be a significant advantage.

“Statistics are vital to us, and we plan to integrate Flow with our Power BI”, he says.

Franko emphasises how convenient Flow is for the users, and says it made onboarding very easy. There is a limited number of features which makes the system easy to understand and use, and he considers all functions to be useful and relevant.

“You don’t need a technical background to learn Flow, it’s so simple and intuitive. Once the system is installed it’s just there – and it works.”

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