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“We travel a lot, and need to be able to work regardless of what country we’re in.”


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“With offices in several Nordic countries, Flow is the obvious choice”

When Birka Cruises, a subsidiary of the listed shipping company Rederi AB Eckerö, had their Telia-landline cut off by digging work, they suddenly found themselves completely without telephony. Time was truly of the essence. But in just one day, the company switchboard and phones were up and running again – with Flow.

“Our support simply can’t be down”

Christian Jansson is the Head of IT Support at Rederi AB Eckerö. He recalls that day when the line was cut off with mixed emotions. Suddenly being without means of communicating with your customers is a veritable nightmare for most businesses, and the pressure was tangible.

We were told by Telia that it would take a month to fix. But we got up and running again within a day – with Flow.

Well before the incident, his company had had mature plans to change solutions. They knew they wanted to switch from an on-prem one to a modern cloud switchboard, and had chosen Telavox as supplier.

“But we hadn’t planned on doing it quite this quickly, and we were going to use our old call centre-solution during the transition”, Christian explains with a laugh.

Looking back now, he is very happy with how things turned out after all, especially with how easy it was to get started using Flow. Thanks to its intuitive interface, neither extensive onboarding nor training was needed, and the company were soon able to pick up where they had left off.

“We simply printed out the map of our old automated menu and quickly rebuilt the same structure in Flow. The entire thing just took us a day”, says Christian.

“We need to be able to work wherever we are”

Rederi AB Eckerö operate out of offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, and Tallinn. Finding a communication solution that would work seamlessly across the different countries was imperative. Christian describes it as the deciding factor for choosing Telavox as their supplier.

, Birka Cruises

“Before, neither telephony nor administration used to work across countries when I was travelling. With Flow, everything works – at all times"

- Christian Jansson, Head of IT Support at Rederi AB Eckerö

​With their communication now being cloud-based, the company enjoy much more flexibility than before.

“We travel a lot, and need to be able to work regardless of what country we’re in, whether we’re using a laptop or a mobile phone”, he says.

Christian observes that dependability has increased considerably since the transition to Flow. He believes that when going cloud-based, telephony is both one of the most important and one of the most vulnerable parts.

“It used to take just a small hiccup for our telephony to stop working properly. It’s a lot more stable today”, he says.

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