95% fewer support calls with Flow

“We were looking for a switchboard we’d be able to administer ourselves, to avoid long waits with an external operator every time we made a change”, says Eric Svensson, CTO at BDO.

It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Eric Svensson was a driving force in the hunt for a new, better PBX solution. Today, BDO have been using Flow for 2 years, and note that the time spent on administration has decreased significantly.

“Now, we’re able to manage our users ourselves, in real-time, without having to contact a customer support service that already has a backlog”, he says.

Wanting to be able to administer the switchboard features themselves was the key factor in BDO’s change of supplier.

“We wanted to be able to set up new SIM-cards ourselves, and we wanted to outsource our callcenter. Telavox really has the competition beat in these aspects.”

- Eric Svensson, CTO at BDO

Clear costs and detailed specifications

Eric highlights that the straightforward packaging and invoicing are major advantages of using Flow.

“Our invoices and costs are now easy to grasp at a glance. You can see precisely what entries are costs for the PBX, for licences, calls, and answering services.”

This makes it easier to follow up on costs, and to plan for coming budgets.

“For me, the person responsible for certifying invoices, this transparency is invaluable. It saves me so much time, many hours every month”, he says.

Eric estimates that the number of support calls having to be made for help with switchboard and telephony have decreased by a whopping 95% since BDO started using Flow.

“Flow just felt right, from the start. This is one of the best deals we’ve made”, he says.

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