40% in cost reductions with Telavox

Tomi Happonen, IT manager at Varova


A Finnish logistics company working with international transport and dispatch by sea, land and air.



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About the company

Varova is a Finnish logistics company founded in 1948. They help clients all around the world with transport, logistics and dispatch. The company has a turnover of EUR 32,6 million (as of 2019).


Tomi Happonen, IT manager at Varova.

The challenge

When Varova needed to make changes to their old PBX and telephony, they relied on expensive ad hoc help from the service provider. Plus, individual subscriptions were costly and hard to predict. Administration ate up their time and resources.

But that all changed when they switched to Telavox.

The solution

“We’ve cut costs by 40% thanks to Telavox”

Tomi Happonen is the IT manager at Varova. They became Telavox customers in early 2019. Tomi says the onboarding was quick and easy. He notes that implementing Telavox has brought Varova a new and better way of working.

One of the most noticeable advantages that Tomi has experienced since changing to Telavox is a dramatic cut in costs.

“The self-service model that allows us to manage our licenses and PBX on our own has meant huge savings for us.”

The result

With Telavox, the need for expensive ad hoc help from the service provider has disappeared entirely. And thanks to the license-based business model in contrast to individual subscriptions, costs are now easier to control and predict.

“Thanks to Telavox, we’ve been able to reduce our communications expenditure by 40%.”

“It’s a new way of operating”

Tomi says that being able to manage the administration of the company’s PBX and telephony has freed up a lot of time and resources, without the need for any additional training or education.

“The interface is fresh, modern, and above all, easy to understand. It’s very intuitive and doesn’t require technical expertise.”

No need for external help

Previously, changes to the service configuration required participation from the provider which slowed things down. Today, the team can quickly implement and try out different call strategies to see what works best. When needed, they swiftly receive help from their dedicated Customer Succes Manager.

“With Telavox, we’re agile. We can adjust the settings and make changes in the system on our own, without having to turn to outside help. That saves us a lot of time and money.”

Tomi and his team also appreciate the chat function in Telavox, and will eventually be adding the Telavox widget to Varova’s website for a more unified experience.

“When you consider all the gains and benefits of this new way of working, the price point of Telavox is extremely good.”