Anicura reduced telephony costs by 30% by switching to the cloud

Ulf Ståhl, IT manager at Anicura


Offers professional care via sustainable animal hospitals.


350 animal clinics in Europe.

Number of Employees

1 500 in Sweden

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About the company

AniCura consists of prominent animal hospitals and clinics specialised in pets. The company was born from combining resources to create better animal care and was founded in 2011 as the first unification of animal hospitals in the Nordics. The company offers a wide variety of medical and surgical services.

Anicura has 350 animal clinics and hospitals in Europe that provide safety for pet owners through availability and patient security. The company’s 7 500 dedicated employees care for 3 million patients each year.

Anicura-Vet-dogPhotographer: Jonatan Fernström

Anicura-Cat-VetPhotographer: Jonatan Fernström

I estimate that we have reduced our telephony costs by about 30 per cent.