Contact Center

Greater agility. Complete control. Wherever you are.

Customer-centric communication

Empower your workforce with the right tools. One app for both customer engagement and collaboration with colleagues. Agents can work remotely without compromising a great customer experience.

Complete oversight

Monitor service levels, average hold time, and calls abandoned from a live dashboard. Generate reports and integrate with Power BI for deeper insights.

Intuitive cloud PBX

Set up a new PBX in hours, not weeks. Fully featured, including all the tools you need for an efficient call distribution system.

Programmable voice

Automatically pair customers with the most relevant agent. Define custom flows for call handling, such as: 1. Receive incoming call; 2. make API call to CRM to check if caller's number belongs to a VIP customer; 3. If true, route call to dedicated account manager.

Better compliance

Call recording made simple. Integrate with Touch Technologies or GuardREC to stay fully compliant with MiFiD II laws. Identify callers using BankID for greater security.

On-hook waiting/callback

Instead of forcing customers to wait on hold, have an agent call back when it is that customer's turn in the queue. For example: "you are in place 5, press 1 if you want us to call you when it is your turn".

Call Center Pro

Level up your customer support with Call Center Pro. Improve your call center's workflow and increase customer satisfaction.

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A flexible and mobile agent experience

Agents can manage their customer communication settings remotely and in the same app they use for collaborating with colleagues. In-app settings give granular control over call handling and hunt group membership - giving agents the freedom to easily move between front-office and back-office tasks, personal and professional life.

Profiles - beyond presence

Customised communication based on availability. Route calls to mobile, fixed line, or softphone. With one click agents can activate spoken referrals and call recording, log out of queues/hunt groups, forward calls to colleagues, set personalised voicemail greetings.

Pause system

Agents can create a custom profile with a pause function. With a click of a button an agent can temporarily pause their membership in a queue/hunt group so as not to receive calls from the PBX. Giving them time for back-office work without losing their place.

Caller lookup and ID masking

By automatically searching country directories, agents can see who’s calling even when the caller’s info isn’t saved. When calling out, they can mask their own ID or choose which number to display.

Blind and attended transfer

Quickly and easily transfer calls in the app and while on the go. Speak to a colleague before transferring the call or pass it on directly.

Wrap-up and auto-logout

Allow agents time for post-call processing before they receive their next call. When an agent is not answering or in idle mode for a long time, the system will automatically log them out of the queue/hunt group.

Visual queues

Quickly see what queues are open, the number of calls in the queue, agents logged in and basic statistics. Service level, answer ratio, wait time, and call duration figures for the day, week or month.

Run URL Search

One-click search of caller information in existing web-based CRM or ERP systems provides detailed customer profiles and notes. All while on the call.


Immediately identify where a call is coming from and answer accordingly. Agents can see if the person is calling them directly via their fixed or mobile number, or from a specific PBX queue.

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Live chat widget

Engage with your customers on every page of your website. Clearly display relevant information and offer multiple, intuitive channels for contact and engagement

Full transparency

Clear, helpful information for customers, including estimated wait time and number of people in queue.

Easy engagement

Display contact number for company plus name of next available agent. One-click initiation for call, email, and live chat.

Clear information

Show queue and company opening hours. Offer callback option as an alternative to queuing. Customise intro messages when initiating live chat from different web pages.

Explore other Telavox features

Phone systems

Fixed and mobile telephony, and PBX. All your voice communication needs in one place.

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Telavox integrates with multiple systems, combining the power of your existing tech stack with the simplicity of a single hub.

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Phone, chat, video - get more from your workday. Connect and share with colleagues and customers.

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Service and support

Dedicated advisors and certified partners who know you and your business. With you every step of your day.

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See Telavox in action

We’d love to show you what Telavox can do for your business – contact us now to arrange a demonstration.