Better mobile telephony for better business

Smooth handling of mobile phones, subscriptions and data plans for all employees

, Better mobile telephony for better business

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Mobile telephony done right


Business telephony and PBX going mobile


Mobile phone or softphone?


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Why you need a telephone policy


Telavox's licenses for mobile telephony


Tips for managing mobile telephony


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Mobile telephony done right

For many companies, mobile phones equals high costs and long binding times. But with the right supplier, scalable licenses and a clear telephone policy, you can limit the costs of both calls and data – while collaborating better directly via mobile. In addition, every employee will take greater responsibility for their mobile phone and feel more connected with with their colleagues – both locally and cross-border.

The company's whole telephony and PBX solution in your pocket

Modern mobile telephony for businesses are no longer limited to calls, text messages and data. Today, you can bring together the entire telephony and PBX solution for your business in one single app. Chat with customers and colleagues, join in phone conferences and video meetings, connect calls, integrate with your calendar, record calls and analyze statsWith a Cloud PBX – everything is possible. And it all fits in your pocket.

, Better mobile telephony for better business

Mobile phone or softphone?

To have a company mobile phone is not a necessity for every employee. A mobile phone is the obvious solution for people always on the run, working remotely or on business trips. A softphone, on the other hand, is a perfect tool for those who spend their whole days working from a desk.

People in IT support, customer service or finance department, for example, will have great benefits from making and transferring calls straight from their computer – without having to handle a mobile phone.

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We have everything you need to communicate and collaborate with customers and colleagues via mobile. Telavox is your company’s PBX, video and chat – all gathered in a cloud-based platform.

Why your company needs a telephone policy

Are new employees at your company still just equipped with a mobile phone and expected to work their way from there? Then it’s time to do something about it!

A telephone policy is both an instruction for the employees, but also a quality ensurance for the entire company. When someone is calling you, they should be treated in the best and most clear way possible. A personal voice message, for example, is crucial. With a phone policy, every employee will have a detailed view of how they should handle their mobile phones – and how important every one of them are for the company’s shared voice.

, Better mobile telephony for better business

Template for a telephone policy

To be able to use your mobile phones in the right way, every company need to have an updated telephone policy. Here’s the only template you need!

Our licenses for mobile telephony

With Telavox’s solution you can move your user licenses between employees in different ways – if someone goes on parental leave and you need a substitute for example. You never have to worry about canceling or signing up for new phone subscriptions – instead, licenses are completely scalable to fit your company right here and now.

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